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Travelers Needs: Passport Wallet

Your Passport is your most important item when travelling, as it gets you in and out of countries and also identifies you as a person. So you want to keep this safe and secure. Passports are quite susceptible to water damage and also wear and tear, so you want to get a passport wallet with a zipper to protect it from falling out and getting damaged. Damaging or losing your passport is a nightmare and very costly especially in another country.

Your passport wallet contains your most important documents when travelling: passports, travel itinerary, multiple spare credit cards, extra cash, travel insurance details, airline ticket and boarding passes. Your travelling experience is a lot less stressful with a good travel wallet that holds all of your travel documents neat and secure.

When you are travelling you only need to present your passports at airline check-in, customs or immigration control and sometimes when checking into your hotels. At those times, you also have all your luggage, carry-on bags, jacket, headphones and also taking care of your kids often while standing in a long queue. For the rest of your trip, your passport wallet lives in the hotel safe or deep in your carry-on luggage or backpack. the essential travel documents neatly and easily accessible.

Travel Tip #1: Use a small wallet for day trips that contains some cash and one travel credit card, so if anything happens you have still have your passports, spare cash and the backup cards in your hotel safe.

Travel Tip #2: Have two copies of your travel itinerary: a master copy and one day to a page copy. There is an outside pocket on the passport wallet where you can keep the day itinerary with easy access.

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