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A trip round Europe

Europe is mix of all sorts of cultures, architecture, languages and landscapes. Here are some quick tips to take a bit of stress out of the holiday.

Always check Visa requirements before entering or planning to enter a country. Some countries have different visa requirements to other countries so don’t just expect to walk straight in there gates and stay for as long as you want. This make your trip messy, especially if are following a strict itinerary or you have friends to visit or have expensive accommodation booked. It's better to be safe than sorry.

If you can try to avoid the very peak season around July. Flights almost double in price and accommodation will be a lot more expensive. Avoiding the peak season will make your travelling experience a lot less stressful with a little less people around and won’t break the bank as much.

Make sure you book accommodation before you arrive at the destination. Accommodation can be scarce in some parts of Europe, you don’t want to be stuck without a room for a night. Booking before arrival will help to calculate your budget for your time of stay in that place.

Try not to jam as many countries in as possible. Staying longer in one place enables you to properly experience the place. Gives you time to explore the city, do activities and embrace in the culture. You are far more likely to have a enjoyable time spending longer in places than having a rushed holiday trying to tick off as many countries as you can.

Try to make you luggage easy and comfortable to carry. You are most likely going to be doing a lot of moving around, it will make it a lot easier if your luggage doesn’t weigh a ton or is impractical to move around.

Most of all embrace the culture and have a good time.

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