• Angelina Anderson

Preparing for a job interview

Being mentally and physically prepared for a job interview is the key to making a strong impression and to secure your job offer. To take stress off the experience. it is good to know the background of the company, how to dress for the interview, practice interview questions and follow up after the interview to make you feel more confident about it.

Analyzing the job is a good way to start in the preparation for the interview. Read the job description and right down a list the key features such as qualities, skills and knowledge that the employer is looking for and understand who you will be working with. Learn about what the company does and what it stands for by researching their website and any social media pages. This is a great way to gain insight into the company and to determine whether the company and the company culture will be a good match for you. It will also help to relieve stress in the interview and it will give a strong impression to the employee if you are well prepared and have done your research on the company.

Now that you know a bit about the company, it is time to list down your key skills, knowledge and professional experience that the company is going to benefit from. Think about your career achievements, your professional skills and capabilities and why you are attracted to the company and why you would make a great match for the job.  These will prepare you for the job-specific and behavioural interview questions that most employees like to question.

Your presentation means a lot when it comes to interviews, as this is their first impression. Make sure you are well groomed and dressed neatly according to the type of work you are interviewing for. It is good to invest in a nice portfolio to hold your resumes, references and questions for the interviewer as well as a pen to write with. Don’t get distracted by your phone so its best to turn it on do not disturb before you go into the interview. Make sure you listen well in the interview, so you can know what questions to ask.

Finally, make sure you are well prepared with getting to interview and how long it will take because you do not want to be late. But most of all, go in with a good attitude.

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