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Being professional in business meetings

Tips and tricks to maintain a professional image in a business meeting and stay on the good side in the office.

Be on time to the meeting. Plan ahead and set multiple reminders so you don’t get sidetracked. It is not a good look walking in to a meeting half way through. You don’t want to waste other peoples time by not coming on time.

Get to know everyone in the meeting. Coming early to the meeting is a good opportunity to mingle with other colleagues. Chat about what they are working on, what they are going to talk about in the meeting and other general friendly chat to get you in the good books before the meeting.

Make sure you sit professionally. Adjust your seat so that it is even with the others, sit up straight and don’t slouch around it is not a good look.

Come prepared. Make sure you have significant material about what the meeting is about before you go in. Bring in your notes, materials and questions so you are prepared to put your word into the meeting. Asking questions is a great way to stand out in a meeting, however make sure you ask your questions at the right time. It is rude and unprofessional to speak over someone. Time your question appropriately.

Unless the meeting is held at a lunch, avoid eating in the meeting. Try to get a meal in before you go in so you don’t feel hungry and restless. It is quite distracting if there is only one person eating in the meeting.

Make sure you out you phone away and on vibrate or silent. If your phone rings, obviously if its an emergency take the call but if its just socializing chit chat then try to avoid because you are wasting other peoples time as being unprofessional.

Most of all, if you go in with confidence and a good attitude it will set a positive and professional image.

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